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3 JB_JSTC_PG_3_10-7-12The Advantage Branch Console is a patented (US 7,357,315) modular bank teller line transaction station that enhances the day to day interaction between bank tellers and bank customers. Our standard modular teller line stations are available in 60 inch, 66 inch and 72 inch widths with a standard counter height of 40 inches. The transaction surface may be specified as straight or rounded.

4Aconsole straight_Pg4_8-7

The use of a wedge system allows for the bank teller line to be either concave or convex, the standard privacy panels meet the code governing the 'Disclosure Of Nonpublic Personal Information', the panels help protect the security and confidentiality of a customers personal information.

4Bwedge -_privacy_Pg4_8-7

CONFIGURATIONS PG_4Teller line consoles may be configured with an optional return available in either in 42" and 48" units with a 40" height. The return has two pedestals, one has (2) file drawers and (1) box drawer, the second pedestal is configured to house a CPU and optional printer. The work station printer allows the teller to provide up to date account information to customers while promoting products, improving cross sell ratios.

The console is designed to house standard under counter steel (available from Advantage Branch). The parapet height allows for monitors up to 17" and may be used with an adjustable monitor arm, reducing glare and improving overall teller ergonomics.

Improved teller ergonomics are further accomplished through the use of a fully adjustable keyboard tray greatly reducing the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders. The keyboard is inset in the center of the teller transaction surface, promoting face to face interaction of the teller and customer. An insert is also provided allowing for a continuous transaction surface if the keyboard tray is not utilized.

5 JB_ART_FOR_PAE_5_8-10-12To further allow the teller to share up to date account information with a customer, a customer facing 17" color LED monitor is installed in each teller station. When not being used for customer account information the monitor provides a platform to display merchandising product information and may be used to display retail customers advertising or local community messages.

pdfClick Here To View Standard Finishes And Standard Edge Treatments

The Advantage Branch Console is available in several standard finishes and edge treatments. (samples available upon request) The body of the console may be ordered either in a laminate or veneer at no extra charge. If you require a finish or edge treatment other then our standards, please add 5% to the sale price.

Working closely with our vendors Advantage Branch has formed the ‘Solutions Consortium”™ to enhance our working relationships and to continue to find the very best manufactures and products now and in the future.

Please refer to the tellerline price list to determine the sale price of your teller system. Multiply price shown by number of teller transaction stations required. Each section is inclusive of all items and materials described herein.

Click Here To View Advantage Branch Teller Line Price List or click on the icons below to enter the shopping cart

Note: Pricing does not include applicable taxes, shipping or installation charges.

Our standard terms are 50% with order (check or credit card) and 50% prior to shipment. Shipment of product within 90 days from receipt of deposit. For help please contact Advantage Branch & Office Systems, LLC at;

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email us at

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