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Adjustable Keyboard


Adjustable Keyboard



Our standard teller system comes with an ergonomic keyboard tray that increases individual employee productivity through enhanced alertness and improved health and comfort, which translates to greater organizational productivity through increased time on task, employee retention and reduced injury costs.

We have chosen two well known manufacturers of user friendly keyboard trays that provide the best adjustability resulting in reduced incidences of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)* including carpel tunnel syndrome.

* A musculoskeletal disorder is a condition where a part of musculoskeletal system is injured over time. The disorder occurs when the body part is called on to work harder, stretch farther, impact more directly or otherwise function at a greater level then it is prepared for. The immediate impact may be minute, but when it occurs repeatedly the constant trauma cause damage. The term musculoskeletal disorder identifies a large group of conditions that result from traumatizing the body in either a minute or major way over a period of time. It is the build up of trauma that causes the disorder.

If you choose not to utilize this ergonomic solution each teller station is delivered with an insert to replace the keyboard tray.

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