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The Teller’s Environment

Tellers work in a space we will define as their workstation, typically fifty square or in some cases less. More than eighty percent of the tellers do not have any seating and therefore stand for a good portion of the workday. The must be at their station to service customers and are confined for many hours and do not get a chance to move about the branch freely. Typically their equipment such as computer keyboard and monitor were placed on the workstation as an afterthought and there placement is such that it contributes to operator fatigue both muscular and visual. Other items such as the cash drawer, check validators, printers and other equipment may not be placed as to allow for the proper reach. Also in some cases lighting, temperature control and noise factors may cause additional physical stress.

Taking into account these negative factors along with the pay scale of tellers It’s been noted that tellers may have a “McJob”. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, “McJob” has been defined as a job usually in the retail or service sector that is low paying, and offers a minimal or no opportunity for promotion. If the above statements looks or sounds familiar and you agree that the teller staff can make a difference in retaining your current customer base and contribute to attracting new customers, then now may be the time to examine an elegant solution that was designed to correct the problems sited above.

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